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06 August 2016 @ 01:45 am
Question poll - part fourteen ♪  
Hello, dear users! Long time no see with a poll, but I'm back. Well, I'm in vacancy now, and it's for this I didn't posted a new release time ago. Anyway, I wanna let you choose what you want to read for the next ^^
The poll will be open until August 9, I'll close it at 20 pm

This poll is closed.

Which doujinshi would you like to see first?

Pray to the rain by Daen (Roy x Ed)
Koi tamago by Shijo tril x tril (Zoro x Sanji)
Babhel by GD Mechano (Superman x Batman !Violence)

I hope you'll be numerous.
See you soon, guys! ♥
yukigami07 on August 6th, 2016 04:15 am (UTC)

Oh cool! Koi tamago! *-*

eyms13: Zoro x Sanjieyms13 on August 6th, 2016 06:15 am (UTC)
No surprise on my vote XD ZoSan!!!!!
packlpackl on August 6th, 2016 08:14 pm (UTC)
Ero indecisa tra OP e FMA! Alla fine ho votato OP per decisione della monetina che ho lanciato! ^_^
cath_valentinecath_valentine on August 7th, 2016 01:44 am (UTC)
Anything ZoroSan! Thanks for the poll!