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07 April 2015 @ 12:44 am
Hello, my dears community users! ♥
I'll go at Rome tomorrow for the Romics - a comic convention, maybe I'll buy also some new doujinshi, if I'll found them -, so I wont able to send any passwords. Sorry for any delay. I'll back monday or tuesday, I think.
See ya next, guys! ♥
12 January 2015 @ 06:06 pm
I'm back one hour ago from Rome and, again, some people broke the rules. Rules ARE NOT an optional.
From now on, I won't tell the message "Read the rules, you're banned" (I did it for fairness and to allow at the users to remedy after a ban of two-weeks) anymore. I'll ban and stop. Have a nice week, dears.

Rules (Italian version):
Sono tornata da Roma un'ora fa e ho visto che c'è stato di nuovo qualcuno che ha infranto le regole. Le regole NON SONO un optional.
Da adesso in poi, non avvertitò più con il messaggio "Si prega di leggere le regole, per il momento sei bannato" (Lo facevo per correttezza e per permettere agli utenti che sbagliavano di rimediare dopo le due settimane di ban). Bannerò e basta. Buona giornata, ragazzi.
25 October 2014 @ 01:31 pm
Here we go, Lucca even this time!
From October 26 until November 08 I'll be at Rome and Lucca, so I'll not able to send any message for passwords
See you soon, guys! ♥
13 May 2013 @ 08:42 pm
This is the first time I've banned someone, but rules ARE NOT an optional.
I'm very patient, but if I wrote the rules there's a motivation. I know that most of you respect them, and I'm really grateful for this, but there is always someone who breaks the rules and, although I'm a nice person, this seems a fuckin kidding, especially when I point out that this person is breaking the rules and continue to ask passwords.
So, please, read the rules first and then ask passwords, if you're new of the community and don't know the rules.
Next release will be Yamato's book, keep waiting.
Have a nice day, guys.

Rules (Italian version):
Questa è stata la prima volta che ho bannato qualcuno, ma le regole NON SONO un optional.
Sono molto paziente, ma se ho scritto le regole non c'è un motivo. So che molti di voi le rispettano, e ne sono davvero grato, ma c'è sempre qualcuno che le infrange e, anche se sono una brava persona, questo sembra un fottuto scherzo, soprattutto quando faccio notare a quel qualcuno che sta infrangendo le regole e continua a chiedere le password.
Quindi, per favore, leggete prima le regole e poi chiedete le password, soprattutto se siete nuovi della comunità e non le conoscete.
La prossima release sarà un libro di Yamato.
Buona giornata, ragazzi.
19 December 2011 @ 12:48 pm
All doujinshi or manga is translated without any profit.
The characters belong to those in law and their respective authors, and in any case is not about real people, but only of simple graphical representations.
Who is interested in downloading the contents of this journal leave a comment in the corresponding post, so can get a private message with the password to access the file.
Slan leat.
Please don't redistribute without permission

[Project complete, in progress and future]
Progetti conclusi
Carnival Ride
Grand Martini
Jukebox Dawn
Kaisui Pearl
Kierkegaard no Jitsuzon
Midnight Sun
Pirate Ship Noah #01
Pirate Ship Noah #02
Pirate Ship Noah #03
Pirate Ship Noah #04
Pirate Ship Noah #05
Rabukouru Chuudoku
Tiger 90113 #01
Tiger 90113 #02
Tiger 90113 #03
The moon and six pense
Under Bar
Yves Piaget

Hakoiri 18ban
He meets noa now
Kaze no Itazura
The Ecstasy ZoroSan
The Ecstasy ZoroSan Continuation
This 1 Meter Distance

3.2 Percent
Attack No.11

» ROM-13
730 hi no kei hibiki chikara
Amaranth Color
Curiosity kills the cat
Gag to Sukebe to Kudaranasa
Hachinichi Bachi
Hito ha Maigo Toiu Keredo
Kataru Shinzou, Soshite Makezugirai
Iromono Club
NO, Number #01
NO, Number #02
Oishii Soba ha Kimi no Soba
Pink Noise Babies #01
Pink Noise Babies #02
Spit Out Your Soul #01
Spit Out Your Soul #02
Spit Out Your Soul #03
To Aru Kaii
Yuigon wa Iruka
Umi Utsushi

Beautiful Voice
Dontokoi Enkou
Hagane no Service Center
Flower Bomb Bomb
Holy Brownie
Hotel Uchouten
Kenja no Propeller
Koi o suru

A kiss coram populo
Ambiguous Fast Days
A piece of cheese
As the Sparks Fly Upward
Be all and end all
Can't Sleep The Sleep Of The Just
Closed today: The unruly dusk
Dark nights, opened doors
Forbidden Ground Bait
Goose Egg Troth
※ Have you ever had any of those?
He's Been Infested By Vermin Already
He's got Blood from a Stone
Just Another Fall an Angel
Laughing Quietly With The Monthly Duty
Le Premier Baiser
Lose Himself and then Win out
Mizu no Naka no Naimen to Gaimen
Noli me tangere
Nothing Venture, Nothing Win
Overnight extra menu
Petitio principii
Red Hot Chilli Pepper
Should Eat First: To put you in your proper place
Siggy-dog Time
※ Targeting Slow Green
The Limits between Up and Down
※ Today side show
※ Touching distance
Tsuzuite Itadaki
Very Berry Sweeten
Watch for Falling Object
Well Begun is Half Done
※ White Locked-Room Solution
Your love's put me at the NEW WORLD

Version SxZ Hachimaru
※ #1 - Storm clearing within the hour
※ #2 - Chef, Pursuing True Taste
※ #3 - Goodbye, chef
※ #4 - Some Refreshments in Broad Daylight
※ #5 - Maybe wrong, maybe right
※ #6 - Black Topological Space
※ #7 - The Boundless Inane
※ #9 - An Omnivorous Feeder
※ #10 - Life as a dog
※ #11 - Not Perpetual Mind

Amato Discord
Blue Flame
Deep Reverb
Next Restraint
Night in Gale
※ Planetarium
Promised Land
Sinful Contact

Equestrian Game #01
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #01
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #02
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #05
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #08
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #09
Sleeping Salamander
Karamu: Yokaze ga Hodokeru Mae ni #03
Seisei Ruten

Cat voice
Love Letter #01
Love Letter #02
Love Letter #03
Love Letter #04
Love Letter #05
Neko Neko Fantasia
Senaka Awase no Tsumi to

Angel, coming! I'm here
Boy Disappearance
He got the Sun
Junjou Shounen no Yuutsu
※ Kago wa mirai ni fukushusuru
Plait Mettez
Pinkie's Rock Show
Subete wa Ai de Dekiteiru

» RH+
Darenimo Ienai
Strange Joke

Angel beat
A Toast In The Bathroom
Chu Lips
Choroi Yatsu
Natsu no Choro
Nyan nyan singing studio
Samurai Heart

2 nen no bannou chiryouhou
Ai Kawarazu
Akuma no hikigane
Fun Fun Nanda Ka Ii Nioi
Gekijou Han Soreike Sanpan-Man
Nagai nagai Renai no hanashi
Oshihiki, 0 centimeter
Santy & Zoroking
Seishun Tone Dial
Tadoku Senaka
Touji ni te

A meal of the love
Kimi ga buji de kaeru tame no omajinai
Je t'aime Je t'aime
Yuki ni Furu Bourei
Welcome to sea's home

Daidokoro Jijou
Dame na mono wa dame
Love Matsuri
Kimi no koe
Natsu Iro
Rose and melancholy
Yokubou Rock

21sai mo 19sai mo ichaicha suru hon
21sai mo 19sai mo raburabu suru hon
Drink Bathroom Birthday
No pain, no gain
The Elder Brother Took My Cake
Touching tonight

24 hours
Hot dog press

Hiroi Tora
Hiroi Tora: Fuyu
Hiroi Tora: Natsu

Veterinarian Super
Veterinarian Return

Hana to tekka: please, take me out here
Munich 1921 #01
Quest-ce Que c'est Que moi?
Stray cat strut
※ The Endless Strife
※ The Front Secession
※ The pathetic fool
Tschuss! Faust

※ Sentimental centimeter
※ Yamai Desu 110-Ban


Calendar boys
The first time
※ The second time

Est! Est!! Est!!! #01
Est! Est!! Est!!! #02
Kagami no Naiheya
Love me tender
Re; Mechano #01
Sink, slow down slow dow
Solitude #01
Zankyou, kieru made

Machinegun Dog
Manual Input
Mayonaka wa Junketsu
Rising pig

Sentimental #01
Sentimental #02
※ Sentimental #03

Kakumo hageshiki kibou no saigetsu
Kowareta Kimi no Naoshikata
Shounen hanzai report

And no lips are told [ Gel ]
※ Antithese [ Rock'n'dolless/Himehiko ]
Aru Yoru [ Hi-boy/Koinu ]
Criminal Ballet [ BC/Mikoto Kanata ]
Esse est percipi { To be is to be perceived [ Yafuu/Shummy ]
Falling body [ Rock'n'dolless/Himehiko ]
I'm yours [ Wild Cat(S) ]
I scream within my mind, evermore [ Denkousekka ]
Parallel Line #01 [ 小哈哈 ]
Peace Corps [ Royal*Garden ]
Roronoa Zoro² [ Sanami Matoh/East End Club ]
Sanji Yoji Goji [ Sanami Matoh/East End Club ]
※ Shichi'nen-Me No [ Katakura Kei/Avant Garde ]
Smoking [ Chihaya ]
Solitude #02 [ Nicol Nicola Nicolas ]
※ Yuragutsuki [ Roushinen/Aya Yoshiki ]

Progetti in corso
※ ALL #01 [ Haga Inochi ]
※ Bokura no Chie no Hateru Made [ Ninekoks ]
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #03 [ Bambi Takada ]
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #04 [ Bambi Takada ]
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #06 [ Bambi Takada ]
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #07 [ Bambi Takada ]
※ Hermaphrodite Volume #10 [ Bambi Takada ]
※ Image of a spider [ Rock'n'dolless/Himehiko ]
※ One is Mercy, and the other is Greed #01 [ Saruya Hachi ]
※ The Lust Terrorist [ Ninekoks ]
※ Version SxZ Hachimaru - SanjixZoro [ Saruya Hachi ]

Progetti futuri
※ ALL (4 volumes) [ Haga Inochi ]
※ An affair at dead of night [ Saruya Hachi ]
※ Boukyaku Countdown (7 volumes) [ ROM-13 ]
※ Jelicle Cats [ Yamato ]
※ Gravity [ Shijo Tril x Tril ]
※ Kage Futatsu [ Shijo Tril x Tril ]
※ Kaze [ Sayaka Konno ]
※ Mugen Hanabi [ Ajimiya Makoto ]
※ Munich 1921 (3 volumes) [ Ninekoks ]
※ Nick of Time [ ROM-13 ]
※ One-side game [ ROM-13 ]
※ Otameshi Kikan [ Shijo Tril x Tril ]
※ One is Mercy, and the other is Greed (4 volumes) [ Saruya Hachi ]
※ Potofu [ Shijo Tril x Tril ]
※ Setsujou no Mahoroba [ Kazuma Kodaka ]
※ Taoyaka na Kurueru Te ni [ Inariya Fusanosuke ]
※ The detail of a night [ Saruya Hachi ]
※ The one with Zoro under the snow [ Saruya Hachi ]
※ Yes Master [ Saruya Hachi ]

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